Little Mortimers
Ashdon, Saffron Walden, Essex

Little Mortimers - Chop and Chisel

Type of work: House Renovation

extending and renovating to create something truly special.

Our clients Richard & Liz were looking to renovate their house and wanted to make it extra special - eager to meet this expectation, we set to work with an extension design to bring their ideas to life.


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Little Mortimers

We believe our clients Richard and Lizs’ original house structure was built in the 1600’s, with a side extension added in the 1970’s. Richard drew how he wanted a new back extension to look, and from this – we set to work. The house was inhabitable which meant we had the place to ourselves for while to make sure everything was safe before we started renovating. So after putting a number of props in place to steady the ship, we started with the sole plates & footings – both had to have major repair and the building needed underpinning (a process done to stop the footings from failing). After a lot of splicing the sole plates were ready, and we then moved onto repairing the old oak timber frame. This can be a fun but sometimes daunting task knowing that your work has to stand the test of time if this building is to survive.

Once all the repairs to the original structure were complete this meant we could remove the props & move on to the build of the new extension. Richard wanted to remove the brick gable end of the house & replace it with an oak frame, so we set to work. First machining the giant 12″x12″ oak posts & beams & then making a frame from them to fit the profile of the house. With the help of a few telescopic forklifts we lifted, fitted & fixed the massive frame into place.

The external cladding of the old cottage part of the house was hugely time-consuming but also a lot of fun. The old house was clad in live or wavey edge green oak boards which come in random widths and lengths, creating a puzzle-like material for us to work with, but we made sure they all matched up.

We built a small oak frame extension to the right hand side of the property. We routed the glass directly into the oak so there were no beads needed, the glass was installed as we erected the frame.

The final stafe of the project was the kitchen. Richard and Liz asked us to do the kitchen as we had proved our worth by this stage, and of course, we obliged. After making sure everyone was in agreement with the design of how things should and could be laid out we set to work. Everything for this project was made on-site, and if need be it was then taken off to be sprayed before coming back on site where it was fitted. When it was all finished we were really happy with the outcome.

There was an abundance of elements to this project that Chop & Chisel carried out, from fitting windows and doors to plastering, painting, and carrying out repairs. All of which came together to produce this truly magnificent showcase of our skills collaborated with a clients vision.


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