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Slab Tables

so much more than a slice of wood.

There are tables – and there are Chop and Chisel slab tables. A slab table is so much more than a slice of wood. Pick the right wood for the right surroundings and you’ll have a beautiful, completely bespoke piece of furniture that will be a true sight to behold.

Making a slab table as a process is as bespoke as the client. We can finish the table to more of a rustic look, or, we can finish it to a highly polished and lacquered state where it will give a more traditional look to the end result.

As for the legs, there are so many designs to choose from and we would work with you to produce a table that looks like it was made to be together. From traditional four-legged tables to single pillar type tables in chrome or anodised or powder coated for 5a sleeker look.

We look for the type of wood that will work best in your home. That’s why we like to talk through where it is going and what its purpose will be. After that, we select a slice of wood – for example, oak to craft and refine until we reach the desired finish.

After that, we mate it together with our chosen leg assembly to produce a fine piece of furniture that will stand the rigors of time.

So what type of table are you looking for that will project your personality? Talk to us about a slab table for your space.


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