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quality extensions, from materials to finishing.

When you choose Chop and Chisel to build your extension, you’re choosing to go with quality workmanship and a great deal of knowledge. The knowledge of what it takes to deliver a high-quality finish to match your expectations and a good experience all-round.

Many homeowners are choosing to extend rather than move – due to the high cost and stress of moving. If you choose to extend and make the most out of your existing home, we want you to feel glad you did. By not just offering an excellent experience, but by giving you more than you have expected by way of quality and overall experience.

What better way to extend a home than create it using an oak frame. Oak frames require the right materials and the right craftsmen to create and assemble it. Using Chop and Chisel, ensures a successful outcome as we’ve extended, built and renovated many homes using a oak framing.

We appreciate that building works aren’t the most calming, but we strive to make the experience as unobtrusive as we can. If you’re living in the property during the works, we ensure that we leave the site neat and tidy and secure. We also strive to keep you updated on progress and whether we are on schedule, as well as any challenges we may have experienced.

What we offer is a top-level finish to fulfil your expectation. From the raw materials to the finish, our desire is to ensure that you are thrilled with the end result.


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