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Our Method

We take our work seriously.

At Chop & Chisel we take our work seriously – we know that our reputation is at stake and we want you to willingly give our details to your contacts who have the same eye to detail as you do.

That’s why we face any project with complete dedication and brimming with ideas, to make it something pretty special.

We’re looking for people who have an idea for what they want and who are open to guidance and solutions. We’ve worked across the world and have seen and addressed many joinery and construction issues that we’ve been faced with. So being able to present you with those solutions as to what could be seen as unfathomable problems are something we’re used to.

Once we’ve agreed a plan for a project, we’ll specify the woods and materials we’re going to use and then present you with an in-depth proposal that we think you’ll love.

After that, we then look to our work schedule and plan when we can fit the work in. please keep in mind, the larger the job, the longer we need to plan.

We keep a tight and tidy ship. We are punctual and clean in our approach and we know that means a lot to many people. Keeping to our commitments is paramount. Almost as important as keeping to our promise of quality products and services.

If you’d like to start the process – please contact us to discuss your next project or piece of bespoke furniture.

our process


What does quality mean to Chop and Chisel?

It means the world. It means that we can be proud of what we’ve done, and we can hope to keep you as an advocate of our commitment to what we believe is a very high standard.

We don’t take shortcuts to finish a job and that’s an important thing to know. We take the time to get it right. For example, when we work with green oak, we know that it can shrink considerably after a time. It will dry and sometimes move. Although that is an extreme example, many woods behave in different ways, so we need to store and treat them in different ways to keep them in the best possible condition before and during use.

We use quality joinery materials in our workshop and on site. We don’t scrimp on anything. If you appreciate quality over mass production, then we definitely need to talk about your next big idea.

Chop and Chisel’s ethos is based upon quality workmanship, we always have been and always will be. If you are like-minded and are seeking to work with a company who believe that their reputation on quality is important, talk to us here at Chop and Chisel.

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