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Our Company

we are so much more than just a carpenter.

It may seem strange to think that Chop and Chisel actually started halfway around the world in Perth, Australia. Having perfected his craft there and later, in other countries, Stefan returned to the UK to formulate his idea with his brother Joe and father Mike. It was at that point, Chop and Chisel was born.

The idea was simple. Bringing the concept of craftsmanship and pride in what we do. That was exactly what we achieved. We assembled the best and most passionate carpentry and joinery professionals to work on high-end, quality-crafted projects for clients.

When you engage with us on a project, it becomes a key focus. We choose the best wood and raw materials to produce a top-quality end result. Whether you’re seeking to put a new wing on an existing building, developing a new construction, or simply looking for fine craftsmanship in your existing home, Chop and Chisel will rise to the challenge.

If you’re seeking more than just a carpenter and joiner, but someone who takes care and pride in their work, contact Chop and Chisel, we know you won’t be disappointed and would love the opportunity to amaze you with examples of our work.

Passionate professionals.

Chop & Chisel brings the best carpentry and joinery professionals together to form a passionate team who take the utmost pride in producing quality-crafted projects, every time.

Finest Materials.

We endeavour to source the best wood and raw materials we can to make sure we always produce a top-quality end result, whilst always making sure we keep sustainable renewal of the environment in mind.

Unparalled pride.

As experts in our field, we take great pride and pleasure in producing stunning results time and time again. We treat your project with the respect and care it deserves, and this trait is of paramount importance to us.


Our Founders

meet the team

Stefan Wisniewski

At an early age I had a love for woodworking, I was always in awe of people being able to work with their hands in a world where everyone seemed to work in an office.

At my earliest opportunity, when I was 14, I went off to work with one of my dad’s friends who was a carpenter and I loved it! From that moment on I loved to work with wood, I am passionate about it and I am always trying to better myself!

Joe Wisniewski

On leaving school at 16 I became an apprentice to a local carpenter in Saffron Walden and knew immediately this was the profession for me.   Over the years I have developed my carpentry & joinery skills and gained extensive experience in all aspects of housebuilding including timber framed house construction; barn conversions; and commercial roofing.

I have had some wonderful teachers along the way who have helped me refine my skills in many different areas of carpentry.  It’s a job that gives me great satisfaction.

Client Feedback

recommended by both clients and contractors

Jon Hurrell from Hylands Homes was tasked with renovating and building two premium homes in Galleywood, he needed to subcontract the carpentry work and Chop & Chisel were on hand to help.

I couldn’t fault the quality, 10/10 I would recommend them whole-heartly – and I have done!

Jon Hurrell